Honest reliable Established these are the qualities you need for a builder to carry out work on your biggest asset your Home.


When you decide to appoint a builder in bromley to carry out the improvement of your home / Extention /loft conversion or any other building works. You need to make absolutely certain that the builder has many years experience in the type of project you require to be undertaken. And they can demonstrate the quality of finish you require.


Does your builder supply you with his home phone number not just a mobile.


Can he produce adequate insurance for your project not just employer liability and public liability these do not protect your home if damage occurs . your builder will need contract works insurance.


Is your builder honest enough not to ask for upfront deposits and only work on a stage payment basis.


Can he demonstrate that he has a track record of reliability.


Does your builder have any county court judgements against them.


Dont be a story on the cowboy builders programme the answer is to carry out as many checks as possible on your builder If they are honest reliable and established they will happily help you to carry out these ckecks. If they dont ask yourself WHY?